Slow and Easy, J.J. Cale Style Guitar Lesson – Easy Fingerstyle Lead Guitar Lesson – EP318

In this week’s guitar lesson you’ll learn how to play a fingerstyle lead that is somewhere between J.J. Cale and Mark Knopfler.

If you’d like to view the Part 2 video for this lesson, as well as download the tablature and the MP3 jam tracks, visit


  1. bigbilltheory X

    OMG hear soooo much Knopfler in this. Is it me or do you all start singing 6 blade knife like I do!

  2. your breadth of style is mind blowing, Brian. Sweet, sweet stuff…. ear candy…. keep it coming!

  3. Great tune, do you want to share the chain of sound? I can see you use the neck pickup, but what is the amp setutp and what are the effects?Thanks!

  4. This is a great sound. To me it has a Walter Becker feel to it. Anyway – nice.

  5. Darrell Baschak

    What a great lesson showcasing my all time fav, JJ Cale. And on my birthday to boot. Thanks Brian, you Rock!

  6. Alfredo Longoria

    Nice! Is that a ‘57 reissue?

  7. I can hear Mark Knopfler coming through your play…my favorite guitarist but so far I cannot play his style. So thanks for this Inspiration

  8. OfficialTechGamer

    Those glasses make you look like Clapton lol

  9. Hi Brian, would you mine sharing what Stratocaster you're playing? As in the series & the year? I'm sure this has to be one of the dreaded questions "what instrument are you playing" but as a relatively new player I'm curious. Also I noticed the maple looks more satin than with thick Clear & this is what I'm searching for. Thank you!

  10. Hear "Don't Talk To Strangers," all over this. J.J., one of the best, for some laid back in the groove music. Thanks.

  11. Jj my fav!❤️

  12. LOVE your lessons learned so much! thx.

  13. Another fantastic lesson,i don't know how you just keep them coming.And to anyone hesitating to join DON'T you get so much more!!Cheers Brian!!

  14. I am a little confused. not difficult for me. You say it is in the key of F#m, the chords A, D, E and F#m are all chords you would play in the key of A. So why not A?. great groove though .I love it.

  15. Fingerstyle!

  16. Love it. Definitely has a nice mix of Clapton & Knopfler.

  17. Oh yeah, this one is gonna be fun. Way to go (again) Brian.

  18. Sounds like a mix of Cale and Knopfler, which is a perfect blend, in your own 'words' through your fingers… The tone IS in the hands…Good stuff Brian…

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