Slow and Easy Lead Country Guitar Lesson – Country Lead Guitar Lesson – EP173

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In this lead country guitar lesson, I’ll show you how to think about playing lead by playing either the minor pentatonic, major pentatonic, or play around chord shapes. I’ll give examples of each of these techniques throughout the guitar lesson.

Here are a few other country lead lessons that I’ve created that follow these techniques:

Slow Bluesy Country Lead Using Different Chord Voicings – EP144

Slow Bluesy Country Lead Guitar Lesson – EP136

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  1. Vernon Robinson


  2. I watch your vids all the time, your one of my fave teachers on Y.T. and I happened to stumble onto this one. I am by no means a country fan but that may be changing lol. This video intrigued me to give this a try, just sounds so beautiful. Thanks as always.

  3. excellent explanation..good work..

  4. Also your style of teaching has helped me along the never ending journey and to create my own style . Maybe the complainers could just go quietly into the night and do the rest of us a favor!

  5. Brian – That's a pretty lead ….kudos!

  6. Thanks Brian, this is a very good lesson, and I appreciate your explanations and delving into theory to explain the how and why. I hope you don't let the complainers affect your teaching style and personality.

  7. Northyorkspaul

    Lovely sounds

  8. is there a tab for this

  9. Nice what is the name of this song so soothing

  10. Diesal Dan Express

    Great lead Brian , what string are you using on that fine Guitar? if you don't mined me asking,thanks

  11. great lesson.

  12. awesome duck fart

    Let me tell you something you talk SO much plz don't talk that much in your other vids but good vid!!

  13. Thank God for you play the kind of music i love and play

  14. this is a great country solo. it is very melodic relative to the chords that are being played. very good lesson brian

  15. Please don't let the handful of complainers change the way you teach. The verbal info here is helpful and needed for anyone looking for a "SLOW and EASY" lesson as the title suggest. I picked a few new things that are going to help me a lot. Thanks!

  16. Also, can you talk about your telecaster. I have a CS '63 reissue. Looks and sound much like yours. Is yours a reissue? Vintage? Neither? Thanks much.

  17. margareta tola

    what pickups are you using in your tele?

  18. Oh my GOD – stop talking

  19. Daniel Minchew

    Thanks Brian…..Great lesson!!

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