Slow and Easy Lead Guitar Lesson (Melodic) – Learn how to improvise on guitar – EP310

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a slow and easy lead, full of harmonies. This lessons works for anyone at any skill level.

If you’d like to view the Part 2 video, and download the tablature and MP3 jam tracks (multiple tempos) – you can by going to


  1. OH MAN!! Seriously! I've always loved this guitar & its tone. It just steals my heart every time. All your instruments sound amazing, your tone is second to none imo. But this guitar especially. So I look to see if you posted any info on the guitar and found the link below to the 2013 vid. And lo and behold, I find out this was Eric Clapton's guitar. How amazing that must be man! How inspiring to know that Eric Clapton himself inspired tens of thousands of people on tours with it… with his hands. That kind of "special" you can't even describe. All this time I didn't know it was from his collection. And a great investment indeed! But more importantly, which you stated in your '13 video, you're using it to teach people. I have to believe that Eric would be most proud of that use vs. sitting up in a glass case. Lastly, the funds from the auction were likely used to help those with addiction, and that is a great & much needed cause, one that is important for Eric Clapton too I believe. Anyway, it sounds wild, but this made my Saturday :). It couldn't have ended up with a better teacher!

  2. Beautiful guitar (and playing), is that a recent acquisition? Don't think I've seen you with it before. Inspiring lesson as usual.

  3. guitar model?

  4. this is exactly what I am into ..I basically play by ear but then want to know the theory of interplay between the chords within that key

    the tightness of how its all connected ..thanks

  5. Giovanni Silvestri


  6. Another great lesson Brian. Very inspiring. Playing slow and in the key of B awakens the Muse.

  7. Dear Brian.
    I would like to acquire one or two of the T-shirts you are wearing.
    Is there a possibility, please !?

  8. I've watched many of your lessons, which are great.
    But sometimes I just love to listen to you play.

  9. Listened to it sounds great,didn't try to play it yet. At my level .

  10. Beautiful guitar and great lesson, thanks

  11. Timothy Williams

    Brian, I love what your doing! I really appreciate you taking the time to teach what lies below the surface of what you are playing. That is what separates you from much of the horde of YouTube instructors. Those who understand this will, with patience, glean gold from your videos no matter their skill level. Don't let detractors distract you from your vision and keep it up!

  12. Dalton AVEMARIA

    Reminded me of something Les Paul would play! I really dig it!

  13. Hi Brian, Enjoying yr lessons. Out of the many youtube teachers you stand out out!

  14. Not generally my cup of tea but interesting and useful all the same. Very good lesson mate, thanks as always, I always enjoy.

  15. rafael sánchez

    You've done better things, lately you do uninteresting things

  16. Music is international language thank you Brother ❤️

  17. Another yes!

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