Slow and Soulful Blues Lead (Easy) Guitar Lesson – How to Improvise – EP349

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a slow and easy blues lead without using a pick (fingerstyle). To download the tab and the MP3 jam tracks, visit
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  1. fun and cool feel vibes man yah i can dig it dont cha dig!

  2. I knew this backing track soundz very familar and today it got me – very similar to what John Mayer was soloing over in I guess I just feel like!!!

  3. Love the sound of this.

  4. To me, playing this finger style makes it nice and mellow. 🙂

  5. I hear a lot of my fav player Mark Knopfler!

  6. Very J. J. Cale and Knopfler! Nice!

  7. One of your best ideas.
    I'd love to listen to it in the context of a comolete song.

  8. The best I could describe that tune, is a Louisiana, Swampy sound… Cool lesson.. Thanks Brian…

  9. How do I get just the backing track to this? Love all ur videos

  10. love this!

  11. Definite swamp feel. Love it!

  12. MASTER ARTIST Rachamin

    Sweet man!!

  13. Me encantan tus intros!!!! Genio!!!!

  14. Nice. ( I have to say that amp setting sounds really distorted, in a bad way.)

  15. Good stuff rian… to finger I need nails on my picking hand?

  16. Brian – I don't know how you do it but you're so creative. Great work week after week!

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