Slow Blues Guitar Lesson – Blues Jam – Learn Rhythm and Lead – EP158

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In this blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a slow bluesy rhythm without using a pick. Very laid back, and fairly easy to do play. You’ll also learn how to play a minor pentatonic lead without using a pick. The lead is played slowly and is something that beginner to intermediate players can do.
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  1. Brian, Very cool lesson, love these slow blues styles. JJ is one of those very underrated players. I'm gonna use this lesson for the July AM Challenge..

  2. The Internet is full of trolls and idiots, Brian–pay no attention and rock on!

  3. Good lessons, nice meticulous explaining, BUT, Take of that stupid looking glasses, man, they look horible


  5. Really nailed the JJ Cale style Brian! Awesome job.

  6. brother keep these vids coming!! I like how yu teach, I always enjoy them and have fun! thanks big time friend!!!

  7. there are plenty of good guitarists out there on youtube trying to teach but few actually get down to explaining the reason behind the licks. Good tutorials !

  8. SO simple even I can do it. Thanks for breaking it down.

  9. ACE Brian, Thanks, Steady from UK…

  10. That feel, awesome !

  11. Cool!!!

  12. tasty Brian…very TASTY

  13. Ton of learning guitar nuggets in this video. Great stuff.

  14. Groovy.

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