Slow Blues Guitar Lesson – On Electric Guitar With No Accompaniment – EP094

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In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a slow blues on electric guitar with no accompaniment – i.e. no band, no jam track, just grab your guitar and start playing. I’ll show you how to play this with a pick, but if you’re a fingerstyle guitar player, you’ll be able to follow along.

I’ll also explain where these licks come from so that you can start incorporating them into your own playing, regardless of the key the song is in.
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  1. One of the absolute best and well rounded blues lessons on the web!

    So many teachers focus on the scales but completely pass over and minimize the importance of learning the CHORDS when teaching soloing.

    But in order to play melodic arrangements, it's critical to know every chord in a given song (and where they're played on the neck).

    Knowing the chords gives you the "sweet notes".

  2. je commence, a 50 ans puis avec tes explication sa va tres bien meme si je ne comprend pas anglais , j'aime la facon que tu prend pour expliquer…merci continue

  3. I don't even watch these videos to be taught. I absolutely love your playing Brian. Please record an album!

  4. Super tes vidéos !!! Viens jeter un œil aux miennes, abonne toi et partageons nos expériences !!!

  5. You really did an exceptional job on this one Brian. Highly valuable lesson. Thank you!

  6. This lesson really put licks that you often hear into usable context. I particularly liked the 2nd unnamed walk down lick kind of jazzy in a way. The 1st double stop hammer on reminds me of Hendrix or part of a "Band" lick maybe part of The Weight.

  7. how do you download the on screen tab?

  8. nice. 

  9. Very Nice Lesson Again!! Brian – I would appreciate also a lesson for a Guitar Duo…

  10. So sounding like Stormy Monday and I love it.

  11. Clear and easy to follow great playing as well.

  12. Love the tone, I love the key of B,

  13. Continental gentleman

    Great lesson! Thanks :)

  14. Awesome! please do more videos like that, i am trying not to make the same thing but to see the progression and scales you use. Anyway, the idea of play just the guitar is what makes it better. really thankful

  15. I've been a long time subscriber to your channel. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great lessons.

  16. Very nice.

  17. Brian …if you set a whole website dedicated to YOUR slow blues playing …count on me to subscribe . Love that vibrato

  18. Your best yet! Thanks


  19. Thanks Brian, another great blues lesson!
    BTW, I miss seeing your cherry ES335.

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