Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – John Mayer – Guitar Lesson

Guitar lesson for “Slow Dancing in a Burning room” by John Mayer. Full song! Includes: intro/interlude 1 & 2, verse, chorus. Thanks for watching, check out my channel and subscribe for more great tutorials!


  1. What backing track are you using?

  2. Great lesson man, thank you soooooo much

  3. Nice Job! +1 follower ūüôā

  4. Could anyone tell me how to play the verse like he does at 5:39? He plays it slightly differently from what he explained in the video. Help would be greatly appreciated!

  5. whos learning this in 2017

  6. Iconic Guitar Lessons

    THANK YOU everyone for making this one of the most popular lessons on YouTube to learn this song!!! I really appreciate the positive feedback. If you have a moment, please check out my personal YouTube music channel roblawsonmusic which features original music and lessons with new content added regularly. Thanks again! – Rob

  7. Amazing tone

  8. What you do at 5:43 is not what you teach.. I'm trying to get it to sound like how you play it, but it's not what you show and it's too fast for me to see how you're actually doing it.

  9. Amazing style of teaching

  10. Thank you so much. Great Lesson that helped me to learn this song, which isn't that simple:)

  11. Thanks for great lesson.

  12. Very good vid' thanks a lot

  13. what ample can i use in garage band???

  14. Actually that's 9 & 9, not 7 & 7 during the part 2 of the intro

  15. In the verse It seems like you're playing an extra note when the hammer ons begin. Is this true?

  16. The best lesson on youtube for this song!!!

  17. Superb.  Learning this to play for my wife.  This lesson got me there!!!

  18. I've been looking for this song's lesson since a week. & i'm glad, I found it. so easily taught. Sure, i am gonna try this one.. Homework for me..! Thank you so much.!!

  19. standard tuned?

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