Slow melody that you can play by yourself on guitar – Learn about control – Guitar Lesson EP302

Slow melody that you can play by yourself on guitar - Learn about control - Guitar Lesson EP302

In this week’s guitar tutorial, you’ll learn how to play a slow (and easy) melody by yourself on electric or acoustic guitar. This lesson is designed to help you learn about control – how to not bump unwanted strings when playing.

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  1. nice melodic composition too!

  2. Rosco's Uke Lessons

    This guy is really one of a kind monster guitsr player. Hes really inspired me as well to be a better player. Since i started watching him i became a better ukelele player/ teacher. Id like some feedback to see how im coming along. I just really getting started, and uploaded a couple videos. Thx Go Brian!

  3. cool melody.. .. I like your style and also your glasses

  4. Ricardo Lima Pereira

    Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
    Much respect, man.

  5. Reminds me of a gospel or christian song……kinda/sorta.

  6. Great lesson. Beautiful playing and nice composition. That opening phrase (the first 4 notes) reminded me of a song but I couldn't pick what it was. Then I got it : "Well I've got heartaches by the number". Now I'm going to learn that as well.

  7. More of this pls! Maybe with some 7th chords. Love to Learn more about the Connection between scales and chords

  8. Another good one!

  9. Андрей Невоград

    Наверное у мистера Брайна больше всего подписчиков 🙂

  10. Beautiful

  11. Herrlich! Vielen Dank Brain.

  12. Physics Tips For Cambridge Students

    Thanks, Brian, this is awesome! I love this type of playing.

  13. Sweet.
    But i'm gonna have me some fun with it…They do not call me the bumper car for nuthin…

  14. Cool lesson, and even cooler melody.. Nice composition… Thank you, Sir… Take care…

  15. Ahhh I love these kind of arrangements you can play by yourself. Main reason i signed up. Love getting the tabs for these. All the lessons are great though!

  16. I love this one! This is one to play at the Guitar shop when you sit down to play and need something nice and pretty to drown out the the other people blasting their bad covers of Sweet Child Of Mine or Smoke on the Water!

  17. Love it…cant put my finger on what it reminds me of…but Ill come up with it…great.

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