Smashing Pumpkins 1979 Guitar Lesson and Tutorial

Smash through this guitar lesson like a hammer through a pumpkin and learn one of grunge’s most classic tunes! Check out this tutorial and channel your inner Billy Corgan to take you back to 1979.

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  2. It’s Just Us

    More pumpkins

  3. Marty please do a seether lesson
    I remember 1979, was one of the better years in my life.

    Good song choice Marty, thanks again.

  4. Antonio Barrera

    Teach us bound for the floor by local h

  5. YO Uncle Marty can you do a Pipeline tutorial? pleassee

  6. Another badass song from the Mellon Collie album is Bullet with Butterfly Wings. It’d be great if you could teach it Marty! Thanks for all the great work you are doing!

  7. What Taylor model is this Marty?

  8. Thanks! Awesome!

  9. Do a lesson on “who says” by John Mayer

  10. Excellent job Marty! Nailed it!! How bout the Dave Groehl My Hero song he did on Howard Stern? It’s the best solo acoustic rendition and I can only get the intro. Help!!

  11. can you do a tutorial of heart full of pride?

  12. You are great teacher. Lots of luv from India.

  13. Dude I be suggested black Betty by ram jam like 10 times

  14. Thank you Marty can you please do Billy’s acoustic version of Tonight, Tonight

  15. Just coming back from Berlin attending the pumpkins concert yesterday eve. Great idea to add your lesson on my to do list… thx Marty. Btw your looper is doing great!

  16. One of my favorite Acoustic song

  17. What a coincidence I was literally learning this song when you posted this video. I didn’t even know you posted until today!!!

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