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Smells Like Teen Spirit ★ Nirvana ★ Guitar Lesson – Easy How To Play Beginners Tutorial
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  1. I actually can't play this my hands are two small

  2. Is it possible to play it on a spanish / acoustic guitar with a bit of the same sound?

  3. I wish I had the ability to play this. Unfortunately I'm not experienced enough (got my guitar christmas morning)

  4. Hahaha i had a problem by muting the strings and you helped me ty <3

  5. Joel Fabulous_killjoy

    what tuning is this in?

  6. the sucking thing is…..i play backwards

  7. Awesome,thanks Andy,subbed and scribbed.Peace !!!!

  8. I like you're guitar

  9. Patrick McCleary

    Heres me on my £20 jose ferrer el primo 1/2 sized guitar

  10. it sounds weird on my guitar when I do all 6

  11. Whats your setting on the amplifier

  12. While he is strumming the riff is he strumming all 6 strings?

  13. Thank you now I can play the intro

  14. super videos improve a lot with your help

  15. Sorry it was helpful but please don't push likes onto people its very cringe but no disrespects to the tutorial though.

  16. Andy – do you have a tutorial on how to do that slide intro when you 'grunge it up' @ 4:42
    Many thanks for this tutorial it's great for a beginner like myself to get the bug !!!

  17. So Helpful! Thanks! 🙂

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