SMILE – Guitar Lesson – Chord Melody Jazz Guitar Tutorial

Note for note explanation on Jazz standard SMILE by Charlie Chaplin. Jazz chords + harmoizing the melody in 6ths. + TAB

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Smile is a really lovely tune written by Charlie Chaplin. Yes, exactly the actor. It has ever since ben a jazz standard performed at many a jazz session.

In this jazz guitar lesson you’ll learn how to harmonize the Smile melody in 6ths. I’ve made a chord melody guitar arrangement. I’ve put a jazz guitar chord on each new chord change an harmonized the melody in between in intervalls of sixths.This way it’s easier to play and still sounds harmonically rich. 6ths are included in many chord voicings, so the listener hears them as chords.

This is one of my easy chord melody arrangements.But I’v tried to arrange SMILE guitar instrumental as interesting as possible. If you’re not an absolute beginner this SMILE guitar tutorial should be doable for most of you guys n gals 😉

You’ll learn the Smile guitar chords along with the melody and learning this tune will improve your playing a lot. You’ll get to know a new system on how to harmonize a melody and add chords and 6ths to it.

You can play Smile guitar fingerstyle or hybrid picking. I wouldn’t recommend strumming though.

I’ve made the Smile guitar tab, which you can download from the link above. I’ve also made two nice Smile backing tracks for you. One is at regular tempo, the second one a little slower, so you can start practicing right away.

I hope you like my Smile guitar lesson and give this guitar tutorial a thumbs up. Also please, share the knowledge and subscribe my channel.

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Hugs, Sandra 🙂
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  1. Alexander Lyasko

    Hi! Thank u so much from Russia) It's so hard to find here good jazz guitar lessons. And u explain everything so easy!
    It would really fantastic, if u could make a tutorial for "Put it on the Ritz" or "Why don't You Do Right"

  2. Sandra, I just paid for the backing track and clicked 'Return to Merchant' and the site couldn't be found.

  3. Donald K Wilson

    Nice lesson, I like the way you have really integrated the chords and melody, it has a piano feel to it. There is too much chord melody out there that is just hunt and peck chord/melody without enough melodic context in the transitions. Watching again…!

  4. Really nice. Thank you !

  5. sounds like the song for Million Dollar Baby movie

  6. My head exploded hold on let me put back my brain and ill finish the video lol

  7. Siempre bella. Mmmmm

  8. Syberoffense - Hacking With Kali Made Easy

    Wonderful arrangement! Thank you for sharing!

  9. hi Sandra, i made a Paypal payment yesterday – I then saw the TABS – but I forgot to save ……anyway i can recover them, please?

  10. Just lovely, many thanks Sandra.

  11. LOVE this tutorial! So beautiful!

  12. Mahalo Sandra…U make everything sound so Sweet & so easy 2 follow…Much Love from Hawaii…Aloha…

  13. Euller Ferreira Bulu

    Sandra lessons flor de lis Djavan

  14. Thanks Sandra, you explain concepts in such a clear and straight forward manner. Thanks and greetings from Australia 🙂

  15. Salutes Sandra from Bogota Colombia . Follow your class always

  16. Antonino de Pádua Nascimento Felipe

    Olá Sandra, tudo bem? Suas aulas são espetaculares, com ótimo gosto musical.
    Hello Sandra, how are you? His classes are spectacular, with great musical tastes.

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