Smooth Carlos Santana & Rob Thomas Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Smooth by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas is a hot one! Like seven inches away from the midday sun! That’s why I’m going to teach it to you! This massive hit is effortlessly cool dripping with all those classic Santana licks that we all love! In this video, I not only walk you through the chords but also the lead licks and some cool arpeggios that will get you sounding like Santana in no time! So grab your electric guitar and fedora and let’s get rocking!

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  2. Laurie McCreary

    These lessons are the BEST! Keep it up!
    Yes thank you Marty could you also do the solo
    Now Maria Maria, electric guitar parts.

  3. Nice surprise! Would love if you taught Put Your Lights On- Santana feat. Everlast
    Now Maria Maria, electric guitar parts.
    Do more Carlos Santana songs please…you are awesome btw!!!

  4. Hi man, thanks for this breakdown, please do the Santana-licks video
    One of my favorites to play. Just saw him last weekend.
    Marty can we see some Rory Gallagher?

  5. incredible work of teaching this song. Can you do I ain't got nobody to depend on. And the amp setting or foot pedals used.

  6. Marty this is a great video lesson thks so much. Can you tell us how you get that special sound on your guitar in this video? Is it a foot pedal?

  7. Linda S. Tedesco

    One of my favorites to play. Just saw him last weekend.
    Hi Marty can you please do more Foo Fighters lessons please
    I know most people learn their songs from you but where do u learn ur songs from

  8. Could you please break down an Aqueous song or a part maybe strange times or random company? Love your videos Marty!

  9. Break down the other licks I'm learning this song really well and I would love to learn the other licks

  10. Sorry Marty Swarts I normally like your videos but this one sounds like shit I give you no thumbs up for this but I fucking love you man I hope you make more videos I recommend you to everybody I meet except for this song

  11. havana ooh nah nah

  12. Benidict Nelbert

    A Classic ! shit i'm old.

  13. Yes Marty Pls do the rest of the song. LOVE IT SO MUCH

  14. James Hollingsworth

    Awesome lesson. Thanks so much. Could you please do the lead sections of Smooth. Got Carlos on the brain. One of my all time favorites!

  15. “Tasty g-string” ok Marty 3:20

  16. Hey Marty can you do the entire song? Awesome tone and great lesson!!

  17. The nostalgia must be killing you

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