Snow (Hey Oh) Guitar Lesson – Red Hot Chili Peppers

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In this Snow (Hey Oh) guitar lesson video, I will show you note-for-note how to play all of John Frusciante’s great guitar parts to this massive hit by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Frusciante’s main riff to “Snow (Hey Oh)” is quite challenging and is a great string crossing exercise. Even more impressive, Frusciante does a lot of harmony vocal work live while playing this riff.

Like I suggest in the video lesson, it will probably be better to just practice with one chord shape for the main riff until you have the pattern up to speed. Then you can begin applying that same pattern to all of the chords in the riff.

The pre-chorus consists of diads played on the A and B strings. The main difficulty will be in muting all the unwanted strings. I will demonstrate how I do that in the video lesson. I will also show you a couple of different ways to play this riff, one that he does live and one closer to the original studio version.

The chorus uses 3 chords in which John Frusciante plays the bass note on the low E string with his thumb. This is reasonably comfortable for two of the chords, but the second chord can be pretty challenging unless you have a very long thumb. You can simply play that chord like a normal bar chord as well, which is what you will see me do in the video lesson.

Later in the song there is a little arpeggio sequence overdubbed on the chorus. I will show you how to play that just in case you have a second guitarist that can play that part while one of you continues with the normal chorus chords.

At the end of the lesson I will show you how to play Frusciante’s guitar solo albeit without all the harmonized parts. We will just be looking at the main unison bends he plays on the record and live.

Enjoy! #snowheyohguitarlesson #redhotchilipeppers #guitarcovers



  1. spiderman homecoming vulture?

  2. A B Cars N’ Guitars

    Wow this is much easier than I thought it would be. Thanks as always Carl

  3. Everyone saying he managed to do this in 30 minutes, after playing the guitar for 1 month is just lying. Or, they are the best guitar players in the world, but why would they be sitting here watching youtube…. I play guitar for 5 years now (not intensively) but it took me like 2 weeks to do this.. I know, im not talented or anything, but dont get put off by those guys 🙂

  4. For those who find it difficult check a version with capo.

  5. How about doing some Scotty Moore Elvis songs. Like That's Aliright or Lawdy Miss Lawdy

  6. The alternate picking is completely counter-intuitive, I find it much easier to economy-pick (although probably more tiring)

  7. Nothing can be The feeling of satisfaction when you finally get it right

  8. I've been playing for 8years+ I can't do this up to speed for more than a minute.

    Lil tip if you have an acoustic try and learn it on that, it will feel much easier when you pick up your electric.

  9. Yeah my hands. After the iron maiden solo's now this is it. John Frusciante is the favourite guitarist. U can play dani california. Now u need to play this. Sorry for the pain…

  10. 72 notes in 9 seconds. Ladies and gentlemen: Snow

  11. I hate my small fingers

  12. Nice lesson! What kinda pickups do you have on that guitar?

  13. Carl more RHCP songs plz,I just love John Frusciante

  14. 2:34 nice death stare

  15. josafat Simanjuntak

    the alternate picking is so hard

  16. There’s a guitar solo thing at around 5:10 in the song and I can’t find how to play it anywhere. Anybody know?

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