Sober Tool Guitar Lesson

In this week’s lesson, we take an in-depth look at Sober from Tool.

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  1. Bottom lesson

  2. Great lesson. I can't find the guitar pro file. You got a like and a subscribe fosho.

  3. Defo best lesson I've come across. Thanks for your effort. Great delivery

  4. I clicked like on the first note you played hahah Great job!

  5. really good i got it down the first day put all day to this video.. thanks alot men ..

  6. I want to learn the part where it goes



  7. "OK we're just gonna get right into it"
    *talks for several more minutes before he gets into it
    starts at: 3:00

  8. What effects/equipment are you using? My low strings sound good but the high notes sound nothings like yours.

  9. Why didn't you play the whole song in the end just like you played the pot

  10. All the talking just makes it complicated

  11. When you move from that open d chord , up to higher chords.. I’m hearing the opening lick to Def Leppard’s “high and Dry” lol

  12. Nice guitar.

  13. that tune gives me chills evrytime

  14. In the verse of the song, when Adam is between the D5 and the other note (don't know the name xD), I usually dial back the volume but it's still a very "dirty" tone… In the record, it seems cleaner… Do you know how does he achieve that sound? Dialing back the volume does not seem to work. Great vid by the way…

  15. hi axeof creation whats ur thought abt this one ??

  16. Great lesson, thanks for this

  17. Is this dude Chad Kroeger's twin brother?

  18. This guy is using different voicings then Tool actually uses

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