Society – Eddie Vedder – Guitar Lesson & Solo (SL01)

Learn how to play Society on guitar with this simple & clearly explained lesson.

Check out mine & Ed’s cover here –

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The lesson is split into learning the rhythm, chords and solo in clear sections

This lesson is part of my song lesson series, watch the rest here –


This is a great intermediate song to learn on acoustic guitar that will increase your playing ability and I will guide you through each step.

This guitar lesson is ideal for players looking to enhance their skills and learn some songs for open mics or gigs.


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5 practice tips:

1. Take your time, learn the video in sections
2. Learn how to play it slowly then increase the speed, you learn faster this way
3. Practice regularly, little and often is better than one long session
4. Practice makes permanent, correct practice makes perfect
5. Have fun!


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  1. Hi guys. What Eddie Vedder song would you like a tutorial for next?

  2. Nice mate cheers

  3. Brilliant, thank you fo this amazing upload

  4. Haven't even checked any other tutorial..but liked yrs so much i think ill stick with this one only.great job

  5. Nizamul H Bhuyan

    I m confused af

  6. 2:14 – solo

  7. This is brilliant, thank you.

  8. Great!!! Would you tell me what guitar are you playing? I'm in love with the sound of it.
    Thank you very much!!!

  9. Awesome. Simple and easy to follow. Thanks x

  10. Thank you so much. Best Regards from Germany. Cheers

  11. Hi Ben what is the tuning for this particular song?

  12. Pragun Shrestha

    Rise please

  13. thanks so much for solo, you had that last bit I couldn't find anywhere else.

  14. Lindsay Conlisk

    Is that the Huntington Beach Pier in Huntington Beach, CA?

  15. Thanks from snowy Vermont, USA. 🙂

  16. Peter Gonsalves

    That lead was so helpful Mahalo!

  17. Peter Gonsalves


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