Soldier of Love – Pearl Jam, Beatles, Arthur Alexander – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Soldier of Love – Pearl Jam, Beatles Guitar Lesson. In this free guitar lesson, Philadelphia guitar instructor Rob Swift, breaks down how to play Buzz Cason’s 1962 classic “Soldier of Love (Lay Down Your Arms”.) Learn the basic chord progressions across the tunes entire structure, the percussive strumming options and lyrics. Chord diagrams and lyrics are included throughout this lesson. Let’s get started!
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  1. Fantastic! There's also a great cover by Nick Martellaro.

  2. Beatles are not my favorite band but you can turn songs of beatles very interesting your version of this song its much better than the original this version have more" colour and energy" .

  3. You Rock !

  4. hi mr swift that was great ill show my 10 year old son he as just started to learn to play the guitar .about six months ago .and has already recorded his first song .knocking on heavens door .mum and i will give him all the encouragement in the world.thanks .

  5. can you please do the beatles' if i fell

  6. Thanks man, you are amazing

  7. Thanks so much for the lessons! Yours are the best on the internet by far! I have question: at the 39 second mark of the video, how do you make that percussive sound on the E chord, right before you start singing for the first time? It's not a muted slap, it's a much louder percussive sound, and I can't figure out how to do it. Again, thanks!

  8. your lessons are extremely helpful thank you so much!
    Also your vocals are amazing!

  9. i've listened to this song continually for the last few hours, i listened to the beatles and pearl jam, but you sing it better!!

  10. Boulevard of broken dreams by green day

  11. can you do pink Floyd wish you were here

  12. You should make one for "operator" by Jim Croce or one of his other songs.

  13. Hey, wanted a new hobbie and guitar was the first things that poped into my mind. my brother plays alot of guitar and i love your videos, I'm hoping your videos inspire me even more to learn how to play as i havent always loved the guitar.. 🙂 but i would really love to learn some of the songs you put up. Keep up the great work.

  14. need some easy notes for "fly me to the moon" please 😀

  15. Please do one in a million by guns n roses

  16. You should do a tutorial for Let Her Go – Passenger

  17. WOW your voice!!.Such a PERFECT VOICE!!!..  You sang it so beautifully. Thank you very much. I learned a lot from this lesson but I need to watch this video again and again cause I want to sing along with you. At 2:28 goosebumps all over my body, good job! You are my inspiration now in playing guitars. Keep doing some guitar tutorials. God bless you. (^_*)

  18. Hey Rob! I love your lessons. They have really helped me. I started a month ago and the first song I learned was "Let It Be" by the Beatles (thanks to you). If you don't mind me asking, what kind of guitar are you playing? Also, what is the bar that is going over the sound hole for? Thanks, keep making awesome lessons!

  19. You're my favorite instructor. Good job with the videos!

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