Solo Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson – Play Blues Guitar By Yourself – EP208

In this acoustic blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how play a solo composition in the key of A with no need for accompaniment. This style of blues guitar is so much fun to play because you can have a jam session by yourself. I’ll show you both rhythm and harmonized lead licks and how you can connect them to chord shapes.

To view the Part 2 video, access the interactive tab viewer and to download the tablature PDF file for this lesson, visit


  1. You're spoiling us Brian!

  2. Fantastic, Cheers Brian, Steady from the UK…

  3. Maxandre Bouniol

    Hello thank you very much for your videos, I learn the guitar alone and I love the blues that you propose, I try to understand this style from a theoretical point of view and I have a question. If I find the tone of this pieces is what I can continue using the appropriate pentatotic range? By placing the right chords by contribution to the range and the tonic or is it more complicated than its?

    I am French so I do not understand everything you say 🙁 still thank you professor

  4. SUPER!!!!!! Thank you!!

  5. You sure you don't live in Mississippi. LOL

  6. Matt YouKnowWho

    Awesome lesson man

  7. Anyone know what model Martin this is?

  8. this guy plays guitar like a Dork

  9. Words cannot describe how much joy these lessons bring me.

  10. Great tutorial! What # Martin is that?

  11. This is really nice.
    Gonna go electric with it

  12. The 2nd time I listened to it – It reminds me of a Lonnie Johnson style blues, and I just love Lonnie Johnson Blues. This is a GREAT one! Thanks Brian. I'm one of your subscribers too – Hey guys and gals – it's worth subscribing – you get a whole lot more lesson. Fantastic teacher.

  13. Brian, I can tell you are loving that new beautiful Martin.

  14. Love the Blues posting tonight. I'd like to see a "Tramp Groove" one of these days. Thanks Brian.

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