Solo Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson – Play the blues by yourself on guitar – Blues Guitar Lesson EP315

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play an acoustic blues composition that uses the “call and response” technique.. allowing you to play both rhythm and lead parts by yourself.

To view the Part 2 video, and download the tablature for this acoustic blues guitar lesson, visit


  1. Outstanding!!

  2. Excellent

  3. thank you brian another superb lesson.

  4. guitar text club

    Do you live in usa

  5. Ey Brian, what size of pick do you use?

  6. Oh look at you go "Sweet Blues" no jazz no country no Nashville , just swweet blues.
    I love it. Spent this week in Nashville.
    Your one of the very very few that teaches, for guitar independence….your dedication to that style of teaching alone, is the BEST on the net.

  7. Great lesson… I think that Martin was brought over by Robert Johnson on the Mayflower… Great patina!!! Thanks Brian!!!

  8. Wow what takeaways simply brilliant knowledge he has shared.

  9. What kind of Martin guitar is that? 00-15M? Sounds beautiful.

  10. Blake Childress

    I dig these blues comps so much man. Hope you don't mind me stealing some of these licks.

  11. Cool timing, I've been goofin off with that framing the 3rd move all day. Sounds great Brian

  12. Bradlee Chandler

    It may take a year, one lick at a time, but I am going to use this composition to measure my progress as a player. Outstanding classic acoustic solo blues. Exactly what I want to learn. Thank you!

  13. Great piece and hat too…


    Good job brother!! Cool guitar.

  15. I can't keep up man…

  16. Guillaume Gouyer

    beautiful guitar dude !!!

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