Solo Blues Guitar Lesson in A (12 Bar Blues Guitar Lesson) – EP127

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In this blues guitar lesson you’ll learn how to play a solo blues composition that can be played on either electric or acoustic guitar. You’ll be playing both rhythm and lead licks in this piece. I’ll explain where the licks come from so that you expand on this and create some of your own licks.
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  1. thank you !

  2. Great lesson! haven't played in a long time and fell right in to these riffs.

  3. good stuff again. Hopefully one day you can do a review or a lesson on your amps and the settings you use.

  4. so awesome tone man… and guitar!

  5. Dude, Killer, Digging Your Sruff…………….

  6. you got some moves on you there mate. the Gibson sounds lovely.

  7. awesome lesson. Thanks, man

  8. After all the skills i've learned from your lessons, i finally feel ready to tackle this cool piece.
    Thank you so much Brian, i'd be a nowhere near the level i'm at today without you and your website.

  9. really great lesson thanks

  10. I absolutely loved every thing about this video you gave a taste of every note and chord imaginable in the key of A 12 blues style your es um I wanna say 335 is amazing I love that ruff look to the body it doesn't really have to much of the glossy protection coating and you got those great feeling tuning knobs and your amp sounds like one of those old vox or fender amps back before they really knew what distortion or gain was or in other words before they knew how psychology hardwired a lot of our brains are to the zig zaggy fuzzy orgasmic sound waves produced by distorted amps.

  11. hey hey… great lesson … really foundational lesson using the best blues licks and phrases.. very nice… love this one… love the slight change on the 4 chord… nice

  12. you could break the video down in half this time without extra unneeded info or a replay. but thanks

  13. Paul Nightingale

    Really great stuff!

  14. Amazing ! Thanks so much, loving it!

  15. Excellent lesson. Thank you very much.

  16. Leslie Cumberland

    OK Brian Got it now Happy Christmas

  17. Leslie Cumberland

    Brian, WHY I am unable to get Part 2 Solo Blues Guitar lesson in A EP127, My subscription is paid up to date

  18. Beautiful

  19. biggest fan from the universe!!!!!

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