Solo Blues Guitar Lesson – Jam By Yourself (No Accompaniment Needed) – EP238

In this week’s guitar lesson I’ll break down a solo blues composition that’s played in the key of E and explain where all of the licks come from so that you can connect them back to chord shapes and start using them in your playing. This also gives you a fun composition that you can play for others!

If you’d like to view the 2nd half (Part 2 video), as well as access the interactive tab viewer (and download the tab PDF file), visit


  1. Jean-Georges Lazarus

    Trop fort Bryan !!

  2. Active melody has been the best tool of all for me. Amazing lessons thank you!

  3. very nice ..

  4. Андрей Невоград

    Спасибо Брайн !

  5. Don’t ever stop,u got talent I wish I had

  6. Brian, I like the way you've utilized the close up, and far angle to vary between showing the lick and talking about the theory. Very nice!

  7. Could there be a better teacher? Nope! Thank you Brian.

  8. Nice lesson again…I'm definitely signing up for full membership! Really high quality stuff from a great guitar player and teacher. TEACH ME! ! !

  9. Огромное человеческое Спасибо !!!

  10. Brian CONGRATS on the new guitar! You know me I love guitars, reading about them, playing them, and buying them!!!!!! So happy for you. Its beautiful.

  11. We need a video about your SG and Les Paul! Plz?

  12. Thank you Brian, terrific!

  13. Brian I always value your vids. but you have out done your self this time.

  14. Love it

  15. The best!

  16. wow…starting off little finger failed me… no strength in it. awesome solo. ty

  17. Yes just what i need

  18. Sweet Les Paul, Brian, and even sweeter tone! Where'd you find this beauty?

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