Solo Electric Blues Guitar Lesson – EP194

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In this blues guitar lesson you’ll learn how to play a solo blues composition on electric guitar. Far too often electric guitar is overlooked when it comes to solo compositions, and what better way to showcase the electric than an Albert King inspired blues composition. You can easily transpose this into any key as well (no open strings)


  1. Why do we need to pay for the full videos? Don't you get paid from YouTube views anyway

  2. Hey Brian, Love your videos! I was wondering if you could make a video on 1950s rock n roll style guitar like Ritchie Valens or Buddy Holly?

  3. Nice but i think you should specify this lesson as a beginners lesson even if it´s not intended ´cause if not, you could condense it in a 10 min video. It´s hard to watch it thorough all the details like the fret and string your playing, if using your fingers or a pick etc,etc,etc…Just my opinion.Tnx.


  5. Still in awe of that guitar Brian

  6. Fabulous!

  7. Thanks Brian, can't wait to learn this!!!

  8. You're getting sick with that EC guitar man!! Great lesson as usual

  9. hey Brian what lesson number teaches the blues lead course?

  10. Lord, that guitar is gorgeous

  11. The beard gives good tone.

  12. Once again, great educational lesson, been trying to learn the guitar for thirty years but never really got anywhere until I started doing your videos… a new idea for a lesson would be some African guitar, great syncopation and bouncy fun rhythms… thanks so much for breaking me out of my rut.

  13. OKAY ,What model is that Gibson. I want one……

  14. thats one b e a utiful geeetar

  15. Dig those crazy bends followed by tremolo too fun

  16. Damn, that guitar is pretty. And a great lesson.

  17. Love it man.  I knew you'd clean that Byrdland

  18. thewhiskeyrebel77


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