Solo Electric Blues Guitar Lesson Using Hybrid Picking – EP244

In this blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to use the hybrid picking technique to create a solo blues composition (no accompaniment required).

To view the Part 2 video and to access the interactive tab viewer for this lesson (allows you to slow down playback, loop sections, etc), visit
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  1. Another great one.

  2. Dat tone.

  3. I am coming on March, with the Premium membership (!)

  4. Alexandre Anonimous

    It's a good one to exercise hybrib picking although it's not easy to grasp at once the key of E makes it simple and by the way the sound of that strat is awsome

  5. So cool. Thanks bro

  6. another great lesson

  7. Yes i confirm

  8. Every week another great gem❤️

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