Solo Jazz Guitar Lesson – Create a Melody with Chords – EP139

To view the Part 2 video for this lesson and for access to the on-screen tab viewer and downloadable tab file, visit

If you’d like to understand how the chord numbering system works, be sure to check out the Part 1 video on this page (at the 3:00 mark):

In this jazz guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a melody using chords. This is a solo guitar lesson, meaning, you can play this by yourself with no accompaniment.
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  1. ''play man..reminds me of my dad it would put me to sleep….'' lov 2 hear more of u !

  2. jazz is the best

  3. Louis Crosland

    Great! Thanks for this! Helped me a lot

  4. Thank-you so much for this- extremely helpful for a beginner! Keep up the great work.

  5. Deandre Skywalker

    Cool and easy to understand. Sweet Jazz lesson.
    Thanks for these. Peace.

  6. l hate this jazz and because this is all you do these days I will not subscribe next time around.

  7. Great tutorial. Makes you feel like you play like the greats!! Also a great tone. What es335 model is it that you use? Looks like an es335 2015 Studio

  8. Luís Bettinelli

    Great! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Steezy Cheapet


  10. Nikolas Salter

    More of this please… beautiful

  11. Thanks for this video. I've been practicing around with chord changes and melodies now in this way and I'm actually getting somewhere, where before I was having more trouble.

  12. Dude this is great. I really enjoy the lessons !

  13. Thanks Brian, very nicly played and explained. I love Your Channel and maybe You could do some more Jazz Standards and that will expand the vocabulary of any Blues or Rock Guitar Player even if they are not keen on Jazz. Greetings from Germany, Peter

  14. Israel Unterman

    Just heard it again, man, this is so beautiful (and sad). I like your lessons a lot, but most of the time I just watch the song and the first few minutes. But every now and then you play something which I feel I must learn. This one, for example. Very nice!

  15. please two part please pleaseeee

  16. Great stuff Brian, it's good to find different sounds. I worked through this after watching the documentary 'Amy' about Amy Winehouse, who I really liked & saw live once. She used similar sounds and chords – brilliant, thank you.

  17. You should do a jazz class series

  18. your guitar is beautiful

  19. This is the music education that explains how these jazz chords mesh….this is the stuff that Tommy Emmanuel uses when he's composing/playing….and you can't do any better than that!

  20. Your channel and site just keep getting better!

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