SOLO PRACTICE TIPS FOR BASS GUITAR! | 251 Progression cont’d ~ Daric Bennett’s Bass Lessons

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Looper Pedal used in this Video:

Hey my fellow bass players! In this lesson we’ll be discussing how to approach soloing over the 251 progression. This is a continuation of the original lesson, “The 251 Progression” expanding on what we’ve already learned and applying it to increase our improvisation skills and technique.
Take it slow and have fun guys!


  1. I can't wait to use this lick on my next gig….update.. I was fired for overplaying

  2. Great lesson, I rec'd so much from it. Thank you.

  3. Christian Belsaguy

    i got the same squier in red, it's awesome

  4. Great the groove, Daric. Very nice!

  5. What city are you from. . I would love to visit and get one on one. . my new favorite BASSES

  6. What's the track played at the end? Where can i listen to it in full?

  7. Verry good Daric.

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