Some Of It | Eric Church | Beginner Guitar Lesson

Some of it by Eric Church uses 4 easy chords! Give it a shot!
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  1. Joshua Daugherty

    Any chance you could teach some Tyler Childers songs?

  2. Thanks for the lesson. Ive been trying to learn the strumming pattern for rednecker by Hardy. That's where I struggle is strumming and timing. Been using a metronome to help with timing.

  3. Love some eric church. He's from my county to

  4. Can you do some Tyler Childers????

  5. Your lessons have single handily taught this novice several songs…..Thank You!! Your positive attitude, outlook on life and devotion to Christ is inspirational. Not sure many of his songs are easy to play with your 4 easy chords but PLEASE give us more more Church!!!

  6. MightAsWell...

    Awesome lesson! Made a YouTube account just to follow and sub to you! I’d love it if you could do Luke Combs’ “Beer Never Broke My Heart”. Thanks again for all the lessons. God bless!

  7. Bragonmy King116

    I love the backseat truck guitar lessons Matt! Can you teach “Chasing You” by Morgan Wallen please!

  8. Gotta love Raleigh, NC

  9. Justin Randall

    Thanks so much for doing this song. I really appreciate it.

  10. I play it with your four cords. Capo 4th. This is good too. Thanks.

  11. Love that guitar!

  12. Looking for
    I loved her first by Heartland. I know your busy and have a ton of requests but I also see your random songs on both channels . Plz help a Dad out .. Thanks Mathew

  13. TheNisbetProject

    This song will be a wedding song of mine I swear

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