Something – The Beatles – Guitar Lesson – Intermediate Acoustic


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  1. please turn up your mic

  2. "I cannot verify that"… you're not a musician, are you?

  3. George told his friends that " Something" was actually about Krishna, ( God ) but I couldn't say "He" could I ? I had to say "she" or they'd think I was a poof ( gay ) " ~ From " George Harrison: Behind The Locked Door By Graeme Thomson.

  4. DanceThisTime DanceThisTime

    Play more before talking.
    We want to see the result before affording the view opf the video

  5. Hey Mac……..great job on breaking everything down. Now all i've got to do is practice!!

  6. I love this lesson! Thank you!

  7. Thank you been looking for a good arrangement for this lovely song. And this is the best I've found cheers.

  8. Great lesson Great song  Thank you very much. I'll check your other stuff.

  9. Really nice lesson, love it!

  10. Very nice, thanks for intro 🙂

  11. thanks for this! perfect level of detail and explanation. not too much, not too little. keep up the good work! peace.

  12. the 1st Dmaj to D7 change. i couldn't make it sound right until i accideny switched a little to slow and early and wound up with a quicknopen strum just before going to D7 and it made it sound better. is that what your doing?

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