Somewhere Over The Rainbow EASY Chords and Melody Guitar Tutorial



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  1. For God's sake, you're a mind-reader Andy!! I've been recently looking for a tutorial of this beautiful song after I watched The Wizard of Oz:) Thank you so much Andy, have a nice day!:)

  2. Please do (They long to be) Close to you by the Carpenters

  3. Great tutorial for beginners and intermediates. I've never considered trying the original version. Keep it up!

  4. Виталик Савоневский

    Hi, Andy! You're a good Man, your parents can be really proud of you! Big thanks for your lessons and especially for your latest stuff concerning music theory. I hope you won't stop and continue to share with us your wealth of knowledge

  5. Hi Andy, yet another great lesson. Can you please do a video showing how to learn to play the melody and chords from any song. I really love this style of playing and I would love to learn it. I can't seem to find any lessons on how to do it from scratch. i.e when and where to add the melody notes to a chord. I think it makes any song more recognisable.
    Thanks alot
    From South Yorkshire…..

  6. Can you do Shawn Mendes treat you better??? Thank you

  7. Thanks Andy. A brilliant tutorial. Going to try this today x

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