Somewhere over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole Inspired- beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. NICE! Thank you so much! You are awesome!!!

    Does anybody has the chords for the version with "What a wonderfull world" included?

  2. Hey, first thanks for the video, but i dont get the rythm aswell, you doing dat really fast. and i dont no when i have to mute the strings and when not? Can someone help me?

  3. your my favorite Marty. keep on rocking bro

  4. It's "oo-Koo-leh-leh" NOT "you-cuh-lay-lee"

  5. I just started playing guitar yesterday lol and the strumming rhythm is really hard to get down. Is it simply down up? It has a weird stopping motion that I can't seem to imitate. Can you explain in more detail about it please?

  6. i need mama said lesson please !!

  7. super helpful. got the intro down I'm like an hour. fav guitar channel, awesome teaching skills

  8. so awesome!

  9. such a bad ass .man i wish i could get my hands on that copy of your book

  10. I love this song because you can add your own style to it and make it sound great, thanks for the awesome lesson

  11. Capo 5
    Strumming pattern: D DU UDU
    Intro: G D Em C G D Em C* C C
    Oos: G D C G C B7 Em C (each chord played twice)
    Chorus: G D C G C G D Em C (each chord played twice)
    Bridge: G D E C (x2)(each chord played twice)
    C*= add a pinky on 2nd string 3rd fret to C chord

  12. 0:16 reminded me of the Moon from Mighty Boosh

  13. YOUR THE BASTֱֱֱֱ

  14. This is awsome, thank u

  15. im not getttin the rhythm

  16. Can you make a guitar tab on ultimate guitar website for this song?

  17. sorry the famous version is not IZ. IZ was awesome but judy rocked it

  18. gamefuelmountaindew

    I first started playing about 2 years ago and thought I'd never learn guitar, you taught me man. Thank you!

  19. You're my favorite youtube teacher, Marty. By the way, anyone ever tell you your facial looks are similar to Jonah Hill?

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