Song 2 Guitar Lesson – Blur

Song 2 Guitar Lesson - Blur

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In this quick Song 2 guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this massive hit by Blur.

Clocking in at just over 2 minutes, “Song 2” consists of a couple of very catchy guitar riffs.

We will be using standard tuning for this lesson, just like the original recording.

The opening riff is played on a clean guitar tone. It uses 5th string root power chords for every chord. It moves pretty high up the fretboard so that can be a challenge if you aren’t used to playing chords up in that higher register.

When the full band kicks in, the guitar tone is switched to a heavily distorted tone. For the most part, the chords played here are the same as the intro, but with one slight difference.

Guitarist Graham Coxon adds an extra note to each of the power chords. By adding this note of the 6th string, he really thickens up the sound making it sound like he is playing a 7-string guitar.

There is also a quick transition riff that I will demonstrate as well.

You may hear a few guitar overdubs along the way that I won’t cover in the lesson. Instead, I am focusing on the parts that you would actually play live, just like Coxon does.

This is a fun one, so I hope you enjoy this lesson! #song2guitarlesson #blur #guitarcovers
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  1. Why do u always use the same guitar

  2. Amber_pops133 Xoxo

    This is also known as "Whoo-Hooo," which is the chorus. The title is not in the lyrics, as the name "Song 2" was originally just a working title, with Blur introducing it that way during live performances. Fans soon identified the song as "Song 2" and the title stuck.

    With loud guitars and cryptic lyrics, the band wrote this to make fun of Grunge music that was big in America at the time. It ended up being Blur's biggest hit in the US. They are huge in England, but never caught on in the States.

    Blur's bassist Alex James told Q Magazine's 1001 Best Songs Ever: "I remember having a really bad sweaty hangover that day. And it was very sunny. We were at Mayfair Studios, Primrose Hill, and I'd been trying to think of a title for a TV show a friend was doing about Rock Wives. Then it came to me: 'Hits and Mrs!' So I thought that was my work for the day over. It sums up Song 2 really. We didn't think about it at all. Graham (Coxon) set up two kits, Dave (Rowntree) and Graham started playing drums at the same time, this real "aggro" beat. Then the chorus is two distorted basses and Damon's guide vocal. It was kind of a throwback. We'd always done brainless rocking out, though maybe it's not what we're known for."

    This is the second track on the CD, the second single from the album, it hit #2 in the UK, and it is 2 minutes long.

    At the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards, this was nominated for Best Group Video.

    In the clip, directed by Sophie Muller (Annie Lennox, No Doubt), powerful amps send the band members crashing into walls when the chorus kicks in.

    This was used in commercials by two different auto makers: Mercedes-Benz used it to promote its S-class cars, Nissan used it for The Sentra. It was also used in ads for video game FIFA '98 and for Pentium II processors.

    This was used in an episode of The Simpsons in a scene where Homer and the guys go to the Super Bowl. It also appeared on the South Park episode "Stanley's Cup."

    This was also featured in many trailers for the movie Starship Troopers. As is becoming common, the song did not appear in the film itself.

    At one point, Blur weren't sure if this was even a contender to be included on the album, thinking it too short.

    However, their US record company loved it. It is probably their most popular song, certainly their most well known.

    The band tried to add more production to the recorded version and finish it off, but without success. They saw this as a learning experience. Bass player Alex James says it was "The realization you don't have to polish everything. Sometimes the thing you do first of all is when you mean it."

    Producer Stephen Street told Q magazine March 2009 that "Damon's guide vocal was pure babbling but it worked so well I suggested we went with it. He just needed reassurance that what he'd done was good."

    According to Q magazine, the heavy noise on the song is Alex James' bass played twice. Alex didn't know this until Stephen Street told him, years later. He couldn't remember doing it.

    Damon Albarn's original version was a third slower – it was guitarist Graham Cozon who sped the tune up. Said Albarn in Isle of Noises by Daniel Rachel: "It's definitely better the way it ended up. As soon as I hear myself doing anything I've done before I just do something else. I go the other way or I just go below or above. I can't bear repeating myself. As soon as I've finished something I think, 'That's terrible. Right, I better start again."

    This was released as a B-side of "Tender" in 1999. This was because "Swamp Song," originally a B-side, was included on 13.

    This was used on Alias (2004) in the season three episode "Blowback," during a car chase scene. It was also used in the first season of Nikita (2010) in the episode "Rough Trade," during a flashback of the title character's fight training.

    This was the walkout song for the English mixed martial arts fighter Michael Bisping, who held the UFC middleweight championship in 2016 and later entered the UFC Hall of Fame.

    This song was sampled by BTR on their song Windows Down

    So the meaning and facts about this song


    I love Blur ❤️❤️❤️

  3. 8,6,11,13

  4. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar but the beginning seems so slow and frustrating

  5. I love how American people say “blur” lol

  6. Hey so I got all the fingering down and I can play the song but when I play the clean part and I record myself playing it sounds like a hit the E string to hard and it kinda over powers the other strings how do I fix this?

  7. Holy crap i didn't realize how easy this song is! Thanks!

  8. Please do one headlight by the wallflowers

  9. Dweam feweter

  10. What’s the name of that chord tho? Idk what strings ur fingers r on

  11. 8,6,11,13,15

  12. Great lesson! I was wondering could you do a cover of California Kids by Weezer
    can u do some Gary Clark Jr. please!!!

  13. easy riff but badass sound

  14. can u do some Gary Clark Jr. please!!!
    Great lesson! I was wondering could you do a cover of California Kids by Weezer
    How are you getting your tone?

  15. Haven Caravelli Center Of Movement

    can u do some Gary Clark Jr. please!!!
    can you do zero by crown the empire

  16. 8 6 11 13 15

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