Soulful, Blues Lead (Easy) – Using a Major Chord & it’s Relative Minor – Blues Guitar Lesson EP290

Soulful, Blues Lead (Easy) - Using a Major Chord & it's Relative Minor - Blues Guitar Lesson EP290

In this weeks lead blues guitar lesson, I’ll show you how easy it is to play lead over a major chord and it’s relative minor (you can stay in the same place on the neck).

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  1. that's an awesome guitar color!

  2. William Castleberry

    Thanks Brian for being one of the best teachers on the web. I hear a lot of the want to be guitar guru shredder teachers, well you have them all blown out of the water. You play at a decent volume (your voice and guitar are both about the same lever), and you don't throw on so much distortion that it's easy to hear what you are saying and also what you are doing on the guitar. I love your style also. You don't try to be a shredder, which in my op ion sounds like a pile of crap. When I hear you playing, it will make me take notice of what you are playing. You do on the guitar what I have been told to do for over 50 years (make it say the words, in other words singing it with you guitar). I'm 60 and loved country when it was country, not rap/pop country crap and with out all the damn chicken picking. I'm also a Rock and Roll lover when it was rock and roll, not screaming guitars. And I like the blues. I will say that hands down your are the best on the old web at keeping it clean with just a little dirt. I always enjoy hearing you play.

  3. Amish deviant with Herpes

    Good work my friend

  4. Amazing sound. I really have got to learn this. Thank you so much for this.

  5. The tone is in its melody lyrics you are expressing , so melodic as always

  6. Great lesson! Thank you!

  7. way too much talking

  8. Андрей Невоград

    Кто же умудрился дизлайки поставить ?

  9. You make it difficult for me to study for exams because of your lessons. They are so great:)

  10. Très belle leçon ,merci .:-)

  11. oh my god, it's like velvet and silk

  12. Give me more

  13. That's really nice and melodic!…good stuff…I could use a chorus and achieve pretty much a trem effect if I vary the depth some right?…

  14. Thanks for the cool lesson. I really like your Jeff Beck Strat. How would you compare the pups to the Lace Sensors on the Strat Plus models.

  15. AH! I immediately thought of River of Tears by Eric Clapton. It had that hint to me. Man you do a wonderful job always laying your lessons out in plain speak for us to understand & pick up. Thank you!!

  16. Thanks, Brian, it seems the more I watch your videos, the more I get inspired to learn.

  17. Very sweet and tons of tone on this one Brian! Happy New Year to you and family! 🙂

  18. Another Winner, Brian.

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