Soulful, Gospel Style Rhythm and Lead Guitar Lesson – Learn to Improvise on Guitar – EP330

Soulful, Gospel Style Rhythm and Lead Guitar Lesson - Learn to Improvise on Guitar - EP330

This guitar lesson is perfect for those of you that are learning how to improvise rhythm and lead guitar. ,You’ll learn how to put the CAGED system into practical use by playing basic chords in multiple positions up the neck and how to connect the pentatonic scales to those chord shapes.

To view the Part 2 video, download the tablature, and the MP3 jam tracks for this guitar tutorial, visit


  1. Me on your channel/site: what should I learn next? this one?, no that one, nope this one, oh this sounds great too, how about this one? No definitely THAT one

  2. Love the content, Brian! Brilliant teaching as always. Although I am never done with one great video lesson I want to learn before you release another, don't stop them coming! I'm always finding little nuggets in you work! Thanks Brian!

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    I love this type of playing….great lesson Brian!

  4. All the extra tidbits relating to chord shapes-keeps me coming back every week, great lesson!

  5. Your lessons and teaching style are fabulous, thanks! One nitpick from this video – when you play the Am at the 8th fret, it's very misleading to call it the D7 shape. It is simply the Dm shape moved up from the first fret (you can stress that it is a second string root, just like the movable D Major shape).

  6. That is some beautiful playing. Thanks.

  7. The walkdown in C ( f e d c ) is in Tillotson’s “keeps right on hurtin”

  8. Another great lesson. Your style of teaching just clicks with me. I will be signing up for premium as soon as I get paid. Thank you.

  9. Very John Mayer, very good playing

  10. Gerald Dixon Cummings

    …beauty home-made Tele…cool colour too

  11. Gerald Dixon Cummings

    Oh look, we have 6 Poison fans to date…I feel bad for the completely tone-deaf…how bland.

  12. Gerald Dixon Cummings

    And when you're done jammin', you can waash your paws with the soap-bar P90's. lol Great lesson Brian.

  13. Crazy good amount of solid info in this lesson for any playing style!

  14. Your BEST video yet Brother, and I have been following you for a long while! Thanks again…you are awesome!!!

  15. Great stuff, thanks

  16. Thats a really nice lesson with some tasty soul licks, thanks so much

  17. Where did you get the cool RCA dog statue?

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