Soulful R&B Lead Guitar Lesson – Rhythm and Blues Guitar Lesson – EP174

Soulful R&B Lead Guitar Lesson - Rhythm and Blues Guitar Lesson - EP174

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This lesson is a slow, melodic lead played over a R&B style rhythm. I’ll show you how to play the lead note for note and explain the boundaries (scales) that I’m working within so that you can take this jam track and improvise over it in this style.


  1. Brian, you KILLED it in this video! Literally one of the most beautiful R&B Lead Style I've ever heard! Are all the things you play in your videos like these original? Also, please post a video of you just playing like this, no tutorial, just playing! That would be great. Going premium now for sure cuz I gotta learn this!

  2. Without going into to much detail the A harmonic minor sale (7th note raised a half step) forms the outline of an F chord in the 5th position. The notes of the scale atarting on the 4th string 7th fret are A b C d e F g# A. The uppercase letters are the F chord.

  3. You say you feel like your fingers are singing while you're playing. your fingers have a beautiful voice Brian! gorgeous little tune. Makes me want to buy an electric. Hoping you will do another acoustic no accompaniment lesson soon.Thanks!

  4. This is just beautiful Brian.

  5. Wow,extraordinary beautiful playing Brian..So much feel in it this time,

  6. I like your t-shirt. I'm a premium member living in Germany, but today we're on vacation in Nashville. Tomorrow we travel further to Memphis, and it seems like we have to visit the Sun studio :-)

  7. Using that F chord made me think of "Gravity" by John Mayer.

  8. Best wishes for Lisa.

  9. get well, Lisa!

  10. Great lesson, great sentiments.

  11. Nice.

  12. Brian: The F is sharp in the A Major Scale but not in the minor scale if I'm not mistaken.

  13. Brian I love your channel, you teach so constrictively I play chet atkins, and Tommy Emmanuel style and thanks to you I can jam all day. In less than a week, I've learned from you what I needed in my playing. Thank you.

  14. wow, this is really good

  15. Love those bends

  16. gud lesson

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