Soundgarden – Fell on Black Days Guitar Lesson

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In this Fell On Black days guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this Soundgarden hit in it’s entirety.

We will be using standard tuning just like the original recording.

The main riff opens the song and it has a lot of very unique elements about it. Not only does it have a very consistent groove, but there is also some slight bending on one of the familiar power chord shapes. The riff ends with a very creative way to voice a C major 7th.

As the song progresses, you will find lots of guitar layering, especially during the pre-chorus section.

I will cover these parts whenever they occur so hopefully, if you have a second guitarist to play with, you will be able to piece everything together easily.

Kim Thayil’s solo uses a lot of effects and contains a lot of his patented improvised chaos licks and melodies. Kim Thayil has one of the most difficult guitar styles to transcribe because of this, but I will still take you through the solo phrase-by-phrase so that you will be able to play it as close to the original as possible.

Have fun with this Soundgarden classic! RIP Chris Cornell!



  1. I could tell when you like to teach certain songs you take longer to teach even if they're very easy

  2. AfroCubanGroove

    I'm a veteran player that has gotten pretty lazy these days and I have to tell you that your stuff is amazing!!!  Thank you so much, rock on my Brother…

  3. Nothing compares to you, acoustic please!!!

  4. Thanks teacher, amazing! Great work. Greetings from Brazil! (y)
    And R.I.P Chris Cornell, great singer, frontman and composer, we'll much miss you… Thank you so much!

  5. Wow, this is great! Youve got a great teaching style, and the tri-camera thing is great. No waiting around to hear what you are talking about. Ill be sure to check your other clips out and recommend you too! Thanks!

  6. Hey bro you have the tabs? I cant Learn the solo ;(

    Good video 😉

  7. Carl, you are the greatest! Can you do Burden In My Hand?

  8. hey we got to push these subs up to at least 500k…..deserve a million.

  9. Another extremely well-done lesson, Carl. Thanks for posting it. If you haven't already done so, could you do "Burden In My Hand"?

  10. Carl – excellent work here and across your other videos. Love how deep you are into 1990s music. A few questions:

    1. What is your setup for the Guitar? American Maple Strat with JB Hot Rails?
    2. Request: could you do Three Days by Jane's Addiction? One of the best songs ever written.

  11. James Butterson

    thanks for the great lessons.RIP Chris Cornell.

  12. Great job! Your videos have helped me a lot.

  13. Great job man, thanks. Gonna learn this when I get home from work. Rest easy, Chris.

  14. Pedram Parsi-Nejad

    Hey Carl, can you make a lesson for Bon Jovi's "Always"?

  15. Could you please do "Mama said" by metallica?

  16. Your lessons are always killer, Carl. Could you take a look at All That Remains' new cover of Garth Brooks' The Thunder Rolls? i'd love to be able to learn it.

  17. Am I savage by Metallica please

  18. Brothers & Brothas

    me and the fellas are gonna jam burning for you by blue oyster cult. I'd really help if you could do a lesson on that solo

  19. CARL
    "Cry For You" – Andy Timmons

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