Soundgarden Spoonman Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

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FEEL THE RHYTHM WITH YOUR HAAAAAAAANDS, grab your guitar and you can learn Spoonman. Breaking down Spoonman by Soundgarden on electric guitar for today’s lesson! Check it out!

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  1. brittany babarci

    Can you do a tutorial for The Trews- End Of The Line? Thank you!!!! Xo

  2. Chicano Guitarist

    That’s the Les Paul im aiming for

  3. Just looked up how to play this song and coincidentally you made this a couple days ago

  4. she is my sin-nightwish ,please

  5. Parker Mitchell

    I dont an electric guitar at all but I've watched all his electric videos just to hear him play

  6. I love your videos you give the best lessons on YouTube. I’d love to see a lesson about Flirtin’ with Disaster by Molly Hatchet

  7. Great video Marty. I'm looking forward to getting this one down…

  8. can u please do brothers in arms by dire straits please

  9. L.A. Youngevity

    Man I've always loved this song. I just never took the time to learn it. No excuses for me now. Thanks Marty. Rock on!

  10. Marty, you should do a lesson on Stone in Love by Journey

  11. Marty you’re anazing you should learn some toad the wet sprocket

  12. Could you do never going back again Fleetwood Mac?

  13. Christian Bugeja

    Play danger zone

  14. luv the tone brother … are u using any pedals Marty?

  15. a literal wizard

    It would be awesome to get a lesson for Raccoon Eyes by Priestess, that whole album has some amazing riffs but virtually no tabs online to speak of

  16. Can you please do a guitar tutorial for Amos Lee's Keep It Loose, Keep it Tight? Love your videos!

  17. would love to see your take on 4th of July by them. great lesson & such a great song..RIP Chris</3

  18. RHCP – I could have lied solo please.

  19. Thanks Marty! How about Try Honesty by Billy Talent ?

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