Southern Rock Guitar Solo Lesson

This Southern Rock Guitar Solo is an electric guitar lesson by Jody Worrell. The solo was written to capture the sound of Toy Caldwell and the Marshall Tucker Band. The video features note by note instruction and, on-screen tab. Watch more free guitar lessons at
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  1. AMR Electrical Contracting Corp.

    Thank you.

  2. Love the way you teach.

  3. Greatt vid. I see NO Henry Paul – type solo here, LMAO.

  4. Rogerio Evangelista

    muito bom essa vidio aula

  5. where is the guitar track?

  6. The Patriot (Arsenal of Democracy)

    Very nice!

  7. Thank you for this! Very simple, yet great sounding solo. Seems the best ones always are!

  8. listening to him in 0.5x made my day !

  9. Thanks there Jody…..And i agree with Jayf…..damn the shredding…..

  10. Nice and easy to addept! And at least no shredding!! Thx!

  11. Yeah. that's realy great music and a great teacher!
    I like it very much! More of that stuff, please.

  12. Hi! So sweet sound! What scale are you using?

  13. You are the Best, man!

  14. I just want too say that your gold top is gorgeous

  15. Love your sound man… good stuff!

  16. These bends are killing me! Great lesson nevertheless.

  17. somebody give me this beat???

  18.  Jody Worrell is just a great instructor. Calm, cool and not intimidating. 

  19. Thank you. that is one of, if not the best guitar lessons I have seen for me as a beginner trying to get to intermediate. Thanks again. 

  20. archie Morrissette

    I like to work of this videos with magic 

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