Space Oddity – David Bowie – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial (ST-357)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Space Oddity – David Bowie
More Info:
In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn Space Oddity by David Bowie. Lesson ID ST-357. Really cool song with interesting chords, cool rhythms and just all kinds of awesome. This lesson covers the acoustic parts and I’ll revisit the tasty electric solos another time!

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  1. Thanks, man. Very nice stuff, and very generous of you.

  2. Perfect. I cant see anything wrong with the chords. I also like how you sang the low vocal so I could sing along and do the high vocal. We sounded pretty nice together…

  3. Major E minor, im laughing my ass off, keep teaching and preaching Justin!

  4. as always great lesson..

  5. 19:55 "she effs"

  6. You are a genius bro. You take your time to explain things so well. Thanks a millon

  7. Evan Giampietro

    You should teach sting in the tail by the scorpions 

  8. Amazing!.. great explanation!.. :)

  9. How important is the E7, can I switch it out for an E or is it essential?

  10. Could you pleeeease do a tutorial on Starman? That would be so great!!

  11. Ace:)

  12. Stephaniealachapelle

    Hi Justin ! This lesson is top ! So generous to share your experience. You're a really good teacher. So bad you're not in Paris… I could have lesson with you ! Thanks.

  13. I just did a video of this song…. in a flat cap like yours. Promise you I hadn't seen this video till now!

  14. D7 w/F# bass note seems much easier if I use my thumb to fret the F#. Also gives less interference with the A string.
    Edit: The transition from the A minor w/G bass to D7 w/F# bass feels much smoother too. Maybe it's just my hand shape?

  15. Justin keep bringing it my man. You always seem to nail it where everyone else plays something that's "almost" right. My ear doesn't like almost right, it likes how you play the songs. Thanks for teaching me this magnificent piece of rock history by a true legend.

  16. Blanchard Felix

    nice !!

  17. Another interesting lesson/tip/advice would be to inform young ambitious guitarists an idea of how lucrative pursuing a career in music really is. What are the diff types of work can you expect to find and how much can one expect to make? What would be downside? How strong is the competition etc

  18. 7:48
    Ground Control to Major-E-minor xDD

  19. I watched a few tutorials of this great classic and no one seems to want to try to explain the psychedelic little instrumental after "………may God's love be with you". I did read your disclaimer about the tasty electric solos. I have listened to different versions and it seems there are several ways it is done. It never occurred to me to use a pick scratch. I find that keeping the D chord fingered after the pause and then moving that shape up the fretboard (with effects) whilst strumming seems to work well. Of course you need to build up to a crescendo, emphasiisng the first beat of each bar, speeding up your strumming (straight 8s) and intensifying it as you move up the fretboard, say to the octave of the regular open D. A Deluxe Memory Man or Behringer Time Machine seems to work well, but other effects could be added, maybe flanger, tremolo or both. Different versions done by Bowie have variations of this little instrumental and it lends itself to experimentation. To me, this instrumental is an integral part of the song, especially if you are in party mood and it is turned up a little loud! It would be interesting to see how the D shape coupled with your suggestion of the pick scratch would work. The idea, I think is to make it sound a bit chaotic, which seems to be an ingredient of psychedelia.

    BTW, I enjoy your tutorials because they are accurate, concise and thorough and you explanations have all the right details. Many thanks. RIP David.

  20. SuperMan Red Son


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