"Spanish Caravan" Guitar Lesson with Robby Krieger

Join us for another guitar lesson with Robby Krieger, this time he’ll be showing you how to play “Spanish Caravan.”


  1. Daniel Capiberibe

    Mr. Krieger .. only… thanks for all …

  2. Kritikalkillas

    No wayyyyy

  3. great! This is my favorite Doors song

  4. Thanks Boss, nice work!

  5. Thank you Robby Krieger. I love what you and the doors have done for music. It will shine on forever!

  6. The actual Guitar god

    Muchas gracias senior kreiger

  7. Beautiful thank you so much!

  8. That's a lovely flamenco guitar, Mr. Krieger. Thank you, for showing us all.

  9. I love Robby! However,.I would appreciate a lot more time with this.

  10. Jackson Chennault

    “Carry me Robbie your teach me your ways”

  11. Thanks Robby. That was amazing.

  12. Always loved your contributions to the Doors, especially "Spanish Caravan" ( classical Spanish music has always appealed to me — must be my Catalan heritage). Thank you, Robby, for sharing your wonderful talent with us and taking the time to record these lessons. Such a great legacy!

  13. Wild White Men

    Without a doubt he's an absolute legend and such a great musician

  14. Wow I feel blessed.

  15. This is not a guitar lesson.

  16. El flamenco y el estilo andres segovia en el tema caravana spanish exelente. Aunque me encanta paco de lucia

  17. Legend

  18. Grateful Varmints

    At the time we just wanted to see and hear shredding. Now with Youtube I’ve been able to see how hard flamenco and classical guitarists (and Robby) shred. Trying to learn that right hand technique is TOUGH!!!

  19. Very special!  Thank you for sharing Robbie!

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