Spanish Romance – Guitar Tutorial with TAB!

Want to learn a beautiful classical guitar piece? Check out Spanish Romance! This video will look at the first minor theme of the song.
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  1. Siddharth Suri

    Guys please check out my cover of Romance de amour on my channel!! Thank you!!

  2. never learned how to read sheet music in guitar but i can play some songs

  3. Nice teeth!

  4. TheWindigomonster

    Anyone know this style of music or any other songs that sound similar? I love the way this song sounds and I havent been able to find anything similar.

  5. Found it

  6. Can you tell me which one better guitar CPX 1000 or FG700 i dont know to feels better sound on my ear

  7. Mohammad Alrawi

    what do you use to record the guitar?

  8. André Francisco

    i noticed that you play with your right hand like Tárrega – this is an old technique and that can bring to you lots of armaches: your right hand should make a curve

  9. What is that technique called at 3.40? I try to do that but nothing coming out. Can you please help with a tutorial on that?

  10. Thanks a lot, girlfriend is now pregnant.

  11. So basically if you can play the Nothing else matters by Metallica's intro you can play this too

  12. He didn't even play the whole song

  13. JJ Van Der Merwe

    Awesome!! what's the name of this song?

  14. my first guitar song i play, at age 9

  15. Shivam Dharmadhikari

    Can u please upload the lesson of intro of this tune….I can't play it on my guitar….from 1.51 to 2.25…

  16. Are you using nylon or steel string? I'm still debating which one to buy 🙁 Love this song! Going to be my first song I hope!

  17. Marcos Scaianschi

    Nothing else matters starts like this.

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