Sparks Guitar Lesson – Coldplay

How to play Sparks by Coldplay
Tuning – EADGBD
Gmaj7 – 354000
Em7* – 075000
Am add11 – x02210
Em7 – 022000
Em(maj9) – x64000
G9 – x87000
Db dim – x42000
Cmaj9 – x32000

| Em7 Em(maj9) | Em7* G9 | Db dim | Cmaj9 |

||: Gmaj7 | Em7* | Gmaj7 | Em7* :||

| Gmaj7 | Em7* | Gmaj7 | Em7* |
| Am add11 | Am add11 | Gmaj7 | Gmaj7 G |
| Gmaj7 | Em7* | Gmaj7 | Em7* |
| Am add11 | Am add11 | Gmaj7 | Gmaj7 |

Pre Chorus
| Em7 Em(maj9) | Em7* G9 | Db dim | Cmaj9 |
| Em7 Em(maj9) | Em7* G9 | Db dim | Cmaj9 |

||: Gmaj7 | Em7* | Gmaj7 | Em7* :||

||: Gmaj7 | Em7* | Gmaj7 | Em7* :||


  1. the link is over, please could you give it again ?

  2. amaziiiiiing

  3. Hi.
    I learned a lot from this video.
    I don't much understand English but your video was easy to understand.
    I was able to play this song.
    I'm glad if you listen.
    Thank you.

  4. Cornelius Bartholemew

    There is not a single thing that you neglect to cover in your tutorials. Best on YouTube period. Keep up the outstanding work on these comprehensive videos. Btw, it's very refreshing to have a tutor that can sing as well. This really helps people to understand each specific part of the song according to vocal melody. I also like the fact that you dont fill the video with a bunch of unnecessary jaw jacking like some other tutorials. Straight down to business. Thank you for being awesome.

  5. valleysofneptune

    Such a poignant song in my life…because of you Deano, I learnt to play it on guitar, and it’s so fulfilling to be able to sing it. Thank you! ✌️

  6. Mikhail Verghese

    Bro I fucking love your videos man, nobody else shows me the perfect way to play coldplay songs on guitar. Its either always unplayable or sounds too shit, but your videos are GOD.

  7. This video is so well done. I still come back here just to appreciate basically a perfectly executed tutorial. Not too much interruption, easy to see finger placement. I mean if John Mayer is calling it a perfect tutorial you are doing something right my friend! Cheers!

  8. Nice seagull! I have one too and love it.

  9. Excelente

  10. You just earned a subscriber great tutorial

  11. Hey guys, can somebody help me out with the strumming pattern? The link is down.. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  12. Thanks bro!

  13. Strumming pattern please

  14. I have problems with the strumming patter. Can someone tell me?

  15. You got yourself a new subscriber man. This was an awesome tutorial

  16. benjamin larroque

    Sharing is living, thank you very much for your work )

  17. awesome tutorial, I'm a beginner and parachutes is one of my all time favorite albums. This the first song I wanted to learn to play. Unfortunately I can't strum the 6/8 time 🙁 I can count it in my head but it just doesn't translate to my fingers. Great job, great voice.

  18. Good work mate, you are awesome

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