Speed Picking Guitar Lesson – Part 1

Speed Picking guitar lesson part 1

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  1. What should I do if I can’t wrest my wrist on the bridge because of a Floyd rose ?

  2. "Why picking harder is better". Now I'm no metal guitarist, but anyone ought to realize you can't get a decent attack with a soft grip. http://www.wiredguitarist.com/2017/08/20/why-picking-harder-is-better/

  3. It's not essential whatsoever to hold the pick loosely. It rather goes against the "rule" of economy of motion since it will take a longer time for the pick to leave the string. You won't get any power in the attack either. My advice is to hold it firmly without excessive force. Preferably towards the thumb knuckle, and with a curled index finger. Then you won't have to pinch it like you'll have to when holding it more towards the tip of the thumb.

  4. Rob Chapman before the overnight rise to success!

  5. Robert Fripp says hold your pick like you live your life. Viv Savage says, Have … a… good time… all the time. (Not a guitarist but, hey F'n Spinal Tap, right?) So yeah, hold on loosely but don't let go. Barf.

  6. Midnight Gaming

    10 years later anyone?

  7. Sadžid Smajkić

    Thank you Rob! I've always held my pick too strong, and that's the cause I've never been able to play fluently.

  8. Wow going to this NO! You have to get a grip on the pick. It was great until then you have to have it tight

  9. holy fucking 2008

  10. Nice vid. Pick grip was very helpful

  11. This guy sounds like he just smoked a… doobie

  12. trying to play ov fire and the void by behemoth, you have saved me!

  13. Wow! Such a great tutorial! I see myself slightly playing already! Thanks a ton! 😀 <3

  14. No, Rob. I will not "hit the bull".

  15. your voice is less nasal now, maybe it's all the singing practice

  16. Rob, It's really about time, somebody explained the "pick"-ing! The left hand is trained…but the hand that holds the pick has a very important part as well! Nice job!

  17. Billy Pezzack Guitar lessons

    free lesson on ( picking next level ) accenting fast 6's on my channel … thanks. Delete if you think I'm taking the piss posting on yours . thanks.

  18. Gerald Spenlingwimmer

    I adjusted my right hand picking like you demonstrated and after 15 min of practice I am stunned because of the huge difference this little changes made.
    Tanks a lot!

  19. Okay, so I know this was posted in 2008 but I hope someone sees this comment. Recently I've noticed my skills are lacking and my wrist is hurting and looking at my wrist it's arching more and more on the lower strings. I know this hasn't been happening forever, I just don't know when I started doing this and how to stop. I only noticed this very recently… Like today

  20. Stinkywzzlteeth

    Thanks man the tips really helped!

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