Spongebob Squarepants Movie Goofy Goober Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

HEY GOOFY GOOBERS! Get ready to ROCK because today I’m teaching you how to play Goofy Goober Rock from the Spongebob Squarepants Movie on electric guitar!

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  1. Should've covered the solo too man

  2. Mr Marty, can we see fire ready aim by green Day?

  3. would love some tame impala covers, great vid as always marty!

  4. Can you do time in a bottle by jim croce

  5. Леха Глушко

    The best of solo https://youtu.be/f9ajGOMcI9Q

  6. Do out of step by Minor Threat

  7. will you also do the solo at some point?

  8. Please make a video with the solo

  9. Hey Marty, great lesson. My Chemical Romance is back together. Love to see some songs by them broken down.

  10. Do Gary’s Song next. Or don’t think twice it’s all right by bob dylan

  11. Marty could you please teach us to play the solo in ELO's Mr. Blue Sky ? Amazing content btw!

  12. Hey Marty … any chance you could help us out with Little Miss Can't Be Wrong by the Spin Doctors. There is a nice little lead riff in several spots. Thanks for your consideration.

  13. Marty if you do the solo my life will be complete

  14. This is exactly what I've been hoping for so long thank you

  15. In other words I wanna rock by twister sister lol

  16. LUIGI'S MANSION! please.

  17. That sounds cool. Explain the base string there I think I hear before each note.

  18. Marty officially passes the vibe check!

  19. Can you teach us the stair scene from joker

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