Spoonman Guitar Lesson – Soundgarden

Spoonman Guitar Lesson - Soundgarden

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In this Spoonman guitar lesson video, I will show you note-for-note how to play this massive hit by the legendary Soundgarden.

You will need to get your guitar into Drop “D” Tuning. That will be, starting from the 6th string (D A D G B E).

The opening riff uses power chords based off of the 6th string. The chords move around pretty fast and the entire riff has a really cool groove to it. Once you can feel that groove and get the one-finger power chord shapes under you fingers, it feels really good to lock into the groove. It is a lot of fun to play!

The chorus is made up of a catchy pull-off based riff. It makes for a great technique exercise as well if you need help with your pull-offs.

The main thing I will cover after these riffs will be Kim Thayil’s guitar solo.

For those of you familiar with Kim Thayil’s guitar style, you would know that he likes to create solos that sound like he is just going for it but at the same time can be very musical.

This type of playing can be a little hard to recreate note-for-note due to the nature of how it is played, but you can get pretty close.

I will take you through that solo phrase-by-phrase so that you will fully understand what Kim Thayil is doing during the entire solo.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this classic from Soundgarden. RIP Chris Cornell! #spoonmanguitarlesson #soundgarden #chriscornell #guitarcovers
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  1. killing it.

  2. such a good lesson, thank you so much!

  3. 13:14 you owe me a new B string…..

  4. Hi. Thanks for the tutorial. How about making one for Uncovered? Can't find it anywhere else.

  5. WinterFuzz DivisoN

    You are a real saviour.. Thanks for the lessons man.. You're awesome..!!

  6. Supersonic! Loved this video!


  8. feel the rhythm with your hands, feel the rhythm while you can


  9. can you do lesson of like suicide

  10. wicked good. needed those signature lead riffs.

  11. How to get that tone

  12. uploaded on my brithday

  13. Thank you!!!!

  14. Really impressed with this. Thanks so much….just made a load of thing click for me on this tune

  15. Hey carl love your Chris Cornell tribute! Can you please do a lesson of burden in my hand?

  16. "you can play power chords with 1 finger and life is grand" lmao. good shit. Your videos are great man and you play stuff correct and give other options to the same notes played elsewhere. Great Stuff.

  17. Please please do a lesson on the day I tried to live.

  18. CARL
    "Cry For You" – Andy Timmons

  19. thanx so much carl, this song and the whole album of superunknown is so incredible, i've listened to it a lot lately and man it is a total masterpiece, virtually every song is a classic….this is one fun song to play!

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