Staind It's Been Awhile Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

IT’S BEEN AWHILE since I taught a song on this guitar. Today I’m bringing you an acoustic guitar lesson for It’s Been Awhile by Staind. I’ll teach you the opening riff and the chords. Grab your guitars and let’s get playing!

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  1. From the begin it sounds like blackhole sun 🙂 amazin lesson btw

  2. Hey MARTY if you ever get the chance can you please make a tutorial on how to play COMEBACK TO EARTH BY MAC MILLER

  3. im not sure if you have taught this or not but can you do savior by rise against? thx

  4. Thank you. I am taking my daughter to see them in Michigan in July at some festival. Now I can play this for her. We are 34 years apart, yet music is our cultural bond. Music::::: the bond that holds glue together. You heard it here first folks!

  5. that shirt!

  6. Hey Marty. Thank you for the It's Been Awhile guitar lesson.Greatly appreciated. This is one of my favorite songs!!

  7. Have you done kid rocks- only god knows why? Can you do a video on that one if you can? Thanks!

  8. Please do a video on flow by shawn James

  9. Yoo marty,

    Great chanel, could you do "Roller Coaster" by danny vera

  10. Yoo marty,

    Great chanel, could you do "Roller Coaster" by danny vera

  11. Yoo marty,

    Great chanel, could you do "Roller Coaster" by danny vera

  12. Martyyy can you please do a lesson on Marty Robbins “Big iron on his hip” song it would be amazing to learn that for my grandpa

  13. Marty is that you? Thanks fer the practice:)


  15. Glad you are playing your dads guitar again. Missed that old Martin!

  16. Can u please do time in a bottle by Jim Croce

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