Stairway To Heaven acoustic guitar lesson

Learn to play Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven sample guitar lesson. Full lesson found at Visit the site for free guitar lessons, TARGET program, forum, community, and contests.


  1. I love the cat casually video bombing at 2:40.

  2. Karlheinz Zahneissen

    Use full barre and start with an a on the 7th fret on the D-string instead with the open a string and the killer has gone. :-p

  3. Karlheinz Zahneissen

    And that's the reason why I would never allow cranks like Paco de Lucia to teach me a lesson. Same goes with the other two creeps …

  4. Need to Zoom in Closer

  5. THAT Am chord on the 5th fret is a killer i only been at playing for a 1yr at age 52 lol took me6 month to perfect that AM chord but hey im retired nothin but time on my hands ,love your teaching by the way,Iknow all my open chords i can play some country songs but am really wanting to learn this intro again ty

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