Stairway To Heaven Intro Guitar Lesson – Led Zeppelin (with tabs)

Stairway To Heaven Intro Guitar Lesson - Led Zeppelin (with tabs)

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Hey! This is a guitar lesson with my Ibanez RG 320 FA.
I hope you like it!
-Ibanez RG 320 FA
-Amplifier Roland Cube 30x
-Digitech Rp350
-Samsung HMX-H200 Full HD
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  1. what effects did you use with this ?

  2. One of the best tutorials so far
    Others ones are wayyy to complicated with al the talking and stuff

  3. Even tho i can hardly play guitar i can play like 5 songs but i am going to learn this not matter how long it takes

  4. Acoustic guitar would have been better.

  5. How are you supposed to strum the two 0s, AND the 2 then switch to 1 2 and the 0? But skipping the one in between.

  6. Thank you very much 😀

  7. thanks alot mann!!!1

  8. Time to annoy my entire household

  9. DiscordMarauder

    Walks into guitar center rev up those fryers cause I am sure hungry for a

  10. Herley Salazar

    Simplemente Genial…Gracias por ser tan didactico…vas colocando cada lick y la una herramienta super genial para poder llegar a tocarlo….gracias…mi hijo te admira…!!! el guitarrista es el…tiene 10 años…y ya quiere!! y puede tocar esto…hoy la empieza a preparar….No dejes de darnos videos amigo..!! Mil bendiciones en tu camino…Gracias..

  11. yes this is an amazing tutorial thank you

  12. I think, in somewhere at the end of the tab " a 0 b 0 at same time, after g 2 " must be "a 0 b 0 at the same time, after b 0h1 g 2".

  13. 4:02 error! in: 4:07

  14. Βασιλης Ορφανουδακης

    Why do you even have a patreon

  15. laughing emoji

    Time to go to guitar center

  16. I've got the first few notes…and I haven't watched the entire video. I'm impressed already…subbed, and liked.

  17. So confused omg

  18. Every song I know is because of you man thanks for the great tutorials keep it up

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