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Stand By Me Guitar Lesson – John Lennon of The Beatles – Easy How To Play Acoustic Songs – Chords Tutorial
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  1. Јенисеј Војиновић

    When you play, I feel when I need to change chords, but when I play I can not change from C to D and G because I do not feel the melody and rhythm when I need to change the chords correctly. I'm a beginner and I would like to ask for advice. Thank you.

  2. Јенисеј Војиновић

    You explain it great because it is very necessary for us beginners. Thank you …

  3. Armando Velasquez

    Please do a video of the song "sad" by xxxtentacion

  4. It’s a Ben E king song and Lennon covered in the 70s post beatles

  5. HOw do we get your playlist on Spotify?

  6. Nail Guitar - Song Lessons

    Learn this classic song made famous by The Beatles. A must for every gigging guitarist!

  7. The beatles never played stand by me John Lennon did a cover of it in the 70s long after the beatles broken up please stop spreading fake news

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