Stand by Me Acoustic Guitar Lesson in Fingerstyle (easy bass line)

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  1. Sebastian7street

    Barcelona of Ed Sheeran pls T.T

  2. I love the way you put your arrangements in a way that many find easy to jungle through…Thanks and please do Westlife, You raise me up

  3. Also is this in the right key

  4. Make stand by me tutorial with melody and bass fingerstyle

  5. Nice intro, could you do Not all heroes wear capes by owl city? its a new one it sounds really nice on the acoustic

  6. Gabiru Filho da Lua

    good lessons mannn

  7. I'm from India following all your videos. Thank you Marco.

  8. marco you're the best.

  9. Always love you!Love from China!

  10. thank you very much marco, you make me can play guitar, it's been 2 month now i can play "River Flow in you (ver : sungha jung)" thanks mr.marc :))

  11. love the intro

  12. nice

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