Stand By Me Guitar Lesson – Oasis

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In this Stand By Me guitar lesson, I will show you how to play all the chords to this popular song by Oasis.

We will be using standard tuning just like the original recording.

Guitarist Noel Gallagher uses mostly basic open position chords in Stand By Me, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a challenge for you.

Besides the chords, there are also a lot of overdubbed lead guitar parts throughout most of the song.

Inside of going through each one of those solos note-for-note, I will instead show you the basic scales that Noel Gallagher is basing all of those solos of. This will make it easier for you to play along with the recording and in reality, Noel Gallagher never does it the same way twice anyway when playing live. So in essence, you will be approaching the solos the same way he does live by playing licks based around a few simple scale shapes.

I will give you some detailed info on the licks that occur in the pre-chorus since those repeat the same way in every pre-chorus.

The most challenging part of Stand By Me will probably be the chorus. There is a quick little 3 chord turnaround that uses the thumb on the low E string. That is how I will show you to play it in the video lesson, however, how can also play those notes along the E string with your 1st and 2nd fingers as well.

I hope you enjoy learning this great song from Oasis! #standbymeguitarlesson #oasis #guitarcovers

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  2. Marc Hansel Thomas

    Which pickups are you using?

  3. That was a great lesson, your no hassle,easy going attitude made me want to learn it, thankyou.

  4. Awesome lesson here. Any chance you could tell me what amp settings you are using?

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    !!! cigarretes and alcohol!!!!!

  18. I love this song, thanks man.

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