Standard Tuning Slide Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play some standard tuning slide guitar licks in the key of g in this guitar lesson video.


  1. Nice technique

  2. Mean sounding, great ideas.

  3. What amplifier do u use

  4. Zacariah Anderson

    slow down to half add closed captions and bam you got some proper beatknick redneck shit

  5. gat dayum…. this shook me

  6. gat dayum…. this shook me

  7. Gerald Dixon Cummings

    I'm SOOO shitty at slide…this was great help. I guess I was fairly shitty at everything at first.

  8. any chance of a request?

  9. Hundreds of "slide guitar lesson" videos on youtube – I'm still looking for a single one that slows down and explains playing slide at a pace that a newbie could understand it. This ain't it.

  10. Really good presentation…

  11. Tone to the bone

  12. Bountyhunter123

    I like it and have no criticism

  13. Reverb much? Great video but turn the verb down!!!

  14. Very helpful. I am fairly new to slide and did not want to change tuning.

  15. This video is more like an improv inspiration and advanced-player oriented…
    It's not easy for a slide starter to understand, since the instructor plays his stuff most of the time…

  16. Screwgo ogleplus

    What the shit, I have the same fucking guitar ahaha they aren't very common either

  17. would be better if you showed the licks before explaining then. But this is really helpful anyways.

  18. John is the best Duane style slide player on YT I think.

  19. is it ok if I use pickup with slide on?

  20. That SG is MEAN

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