Starlight – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Muse – Drue James

Acoustic guitar lesson for Starlight by Muse. This song is a great barre chord workout. Subscribe for 2 new lessons every week:

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Keep on playing 🙂


  1. stop, u make too much facial expressions and alot of head movement ._.

  2. wow

  3. This sounds so beautiful

  4. why i can't do this TT

  5. por qe cantan cuando saben qe cantan bien feo y por qe se graban la cara cuando saben igual qe estan feos…

  6. Isaac Carrington

    Very helpful. You've got a really nice voice also.

  7. Melih Çağrı Taşdemir

    have u seen ur face while singing.. please don't..

  8. jajajajaj good falsetto

  9. Florian raisonné par irozzz

    THANKS dude what is the name of the different note?

  10. Good Song Congratulations!

  11. MagicalMusic Notes


  12. hold me in my arms, lol

  13. lol ur face +Drue James

  14. Алексей Павлов

    Чувак , переигрываешь

  15. Seeing as you're wearing a radiohead shirt can you please do a tutorial on reckoner by radiohead?! Thanks!

  16. johniboi veilside

    can you do madness by muse..cheers Drue your the man..

  17. johniboi veilside

    top man brother!!

  18. Yaaay, Finaly found one of Muse in acustic, thanks a lot man :v

  19. Thanks Drue, cost me a little understand, but thanks to teach the chords! From Mexico.

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